This week, Boston Bruins head coach Claude Julien alluded to the fact that Patrice Bergeron might be a little worn down because the star center has been working hard ever since last


April, when he first started to rehab from his serious concussion and his post-concussion syndrome. The coach pointed to Bergeron’s potential weariness as the source of his slight scoring skid, which reached seven goal-less games after the win over Buffalo Wednesday (although Bergeron did record two assists in the victory).

Today after the club’s practice in Wilmington, I asked Bergeron if the fact that he’s been working out for eight straight months, while his teammates and most of his opponents took at least some time off during the summer, is catching up to him.

“Once in a while I’ll feel it,” he explained. “I had a stretch there out west that it kind of hit me a little bit. But Claude has been very kind and very smart too, to give me the time to take breaks when I need them and it helps me a lot. But at the same time – when I was talking about timing and rhythm – also it’s about all the travel and all the games, I’ve got to adjust to all of that because I didn’t play last year. I guess I am kind of feeling a lot better now and it’s getting back … at the same time, I just stay positive, stay confident and I’m happy to be back out there.”

Getting Bergeron to take a day off is not easy. Over the weekend, the team practiced in Ontario and Julien convinced Bergeron to stay off the ice. Always a mature, realistic person since he first reached the NHL as a teenager, it doesn’t take much for Bergeron to see when someone else if right.

“I don’t want to take it; he knows how I am, I don’t want to take those days off. At the same time, it’s for the best,” Bergeron said.