Roy’s number to the rafters



As you already know, the Montreal Canadiens will tonight retire the No. 33 of goaltender Patrick Roy, who led the Habs to two  Stanley Cup titles,  before their home date with the Bruins at the Bell Centre.

Roy held a conference call this week, and here’s what he recalled about his old battles with Boston:

“We had a lot of good games with the Bruins, and a lot of playoff games at the beginning of my career, in those 10 years, actually, with Montreal. It was always, you know, it was always special playing against the Bruins, especially playing at the Boston Garden. I mean, it was a fun rink to play at, and I’m glad I had that opportunity to play in these rinks. I’m thinking of Chicago, Boston.

“It was very (intimidating) for any players who started, and it was fun playing in these games. But, yeah, Boston, I mean, I’m thinking of Cam Neely and Ray Bourque, they were always in the middle of the battle and it was always good games.”

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