Axelsson’s move has run its course



For the third time in his NHL career, Boston Bruins winger P.J. Axelsson was awarded a penalty shot in a regular season game Monday night in the win over Tampa Bay. And for the third time this season Axelsson attempted to beat the goaltender with a move that included him skating way out wide to the right with the puck and then going to the net and attempting a backhand shot.

The veteran from Sweden is now 0-for-3 career on penalty shots and 1-for-3 using his patented move (the previous two came during shootouts) after he was just denied by Lightning netminder Mike Smith.

“I just didn’t get it up. … It was close but there’s no way you can prove that, especially his glove was over it,” said Axelsson, who added that scoring an empty-net goal at the end of the game didn’t make up for the missed chance on the penalty shot. “It was probably on the line or … it’s tough to see.”

A brief video review ruled that the puck had not crossed the line.

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