Player Profile: Wheeler not doing anything like a rookie

“I think maybe my first game or two in the preseason, I got a couple stick penalties like that – the intentions were good, trying to skate hard, back check hard, but if you even touch the guy a little bit, they’re going to call it,” said Wheeler, who has been whistled for four hooking penalties this season. “So right then and there (I realized) you’ve just got to watch where your stick’s going and just kind of have that presence of mind.”

So Wheeler has set out to make sure he improves his positioning and uses his speed to his advantage even without the puck.

“You’ve got to be in the right spot. And with the new rules, you’ve got to be able to skate and you’ve got to be quick. I think that helps, kind of anticipating. It’s kind of a bad habit, where in college you can get away with stick use. All of my penalties have been kind of stick penalties like that. I get away with a few sometimes. But I am getting better about just trying to skate and use my speed more instead of using my stick. That keeps you out of the box and helps turn pucks over too.”

Wheeler’s managed to keep out of the box plenty, and when he’s been on the ice exhilarating things have been happening. That should keep his parents entertained.

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