Player Profile: Kobasew is the Bruins’ working man

The hard work has paid off. And no less a hard worker than Bruins fourth-liner Shawn Thornton has been impressed with Kobasew over his time as a his black-and-gold brother.

“On the ice, I think he might be the hardest working – practice in, practice out. That’s definitely not an area that needs to be corrected. I know playing with him was a treat – for the 10 games or whatever it might’ve been – because of how hard he works, he makes the game easier for everyone else. He’s always in on the forecheck, he’s always there on the backcheck, and he’s pretty easy to play with.”

Easy to play with, easy to coach … those are about the only things easy when it comes to Kobasew. Opponents would never use that word to describe playing against him. And it’s seems that he never takes it easy. Safe to say that no coach has even told him, ‘Chuck, work harder.’

“If that’s the situation, I’m not doing my job,” he concluded.

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