Northeast Division: Soccer accident sends Stajan to sideline



There are probably worse things than can happen to an NHL player during the course of a game, but when it comes to the time leading up to the opening faceoff there’s nothing more embarrassing or damaging than an injury suffered during pregame warm-ups.

Toronto Maple Leafs center Matt Stajan is the latest NHLer to suffer an injury during his club’s pregame soccer ritual. Leafs general manager Brian Burke confirmed to The Sun’s Steve Buffery that Stajan has a condition known as hyphema in his right eye as result of a soccer ball in the face. Stajan will be restricted in his activity for one to two weeks.

MK: This would be the worst nightmare for the Boston Bruins, who enjoy some raucous soccer exhibitions before their games both home and away. The team has had enough on-ice injuries already, so battling an off-ice one could be crushing. Of course, there’s no reason to ban soccer. Teams should just do a better job of instituting some guidelines and maybe have an assistant coach or trainer watch the games if players who have millions of dollars on the line won’t be a little bit smarter and in-control.

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