St. Pierre

St. Pierre

There are few times an athlete in any sport doesn’t want to be able to attend an All-Star Game, but in Boston Bruins center Martin St. Pierre’s case the 2009 AHL All-Star Game is one he’d rather not compete in — because if he’s unavailable it means he’s still in the NHL.

St. Pierre has been holding his own since joining the Boston Bruins last month with 1-2-3 totals and a plus-2 rating in eight games as the Bruins’ fourth-line center. Tuesday he was selected as a reserve for the Canadian AHL All-Star Team, which will face the PlanetUSA AHL All-Star Team Jan. 26 in Worcester.

“I think I’ve done my time in the ‘A’ as far putting up the points and going to the last three All-Star Games,” said St. Pierre after Boston’s practice at Risctuccia Arena in Wilmington. “Hopefully they give me the chance to make a decision and I wouldn’t mind staying up here because obviously my ultimate goal is to play in the NHL All-Star Game. … I’m at this point now, so I don’t want to take a couple steps back. But it’s still nice to be nominated, to be considered one of the better AHL players in the league.”

St. Pierre added that he’s enjoyed his previous trips to the AHL All-Star game — registering two points per contest, sharing the shot accuracy title two seasons ago and competing in the hardest slap shot contest last season.

“It’s fun. You get to meet a lot of the guys … and it’s great to get exposure. It’s on television, so people back home can see,” said St. Pierre, who noted that tomorrow night’s tilt with Ottawa will also be on television back home.