I’ve just been thinking …

It’s funny to me that Boston Bruins head coach Claude Julien, after his team lost to St. Louis Monday, compared his current injury-depleted team to the one of last season, both in the lack of firepower and in the need to grind it out to score goals and earn wins.

Over the weekend, it dawned on me that with the likes of Patrice Bergeron, Marco Sturm, Phil Kessel, Milan Lucic, Aaron Ward and Andrew Ference out of the Bruins’ line-up, Boston in ’09 has recently resembled a revival of its club from the middle of the ’08 portion of last season. The similarities go well beyond Bergeron once again battling a concussion.

There’s marginal NHLer and diminutive centerman Martin St. Pierre playing the Glen Metropolit role — a playmaker who lacks finish but brings versatility. There’s Tim Thomas carrying a lot of the goaltending load while Manny Fernandez is injured. There’s Ference trying to return after serious injury, just like he did last season. Ward constantly exiting and re-entering the line-up? That was a theme last season as well.

Sturm could be cast in the Glen Murray role. Although Murray returned from his injury, he might as well have not considering his lack of production. P.J. Axelsson is still frustrating to watch on a scoring line. And instead of Andrew Alberts’ defensive mistakes costing the Bruins, it’s Matt Lashoff playing that role.

Anyway, like I said, I was just thinking.