Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference had more than just a teammate’s rooting interest when Zdeno Chara captured the NHL’s hardest shot title for the third straight time Saturday night.

It was Ference who helped convince Chara that he should get his fellow competitors to ante up some cash for charity. By the end of the event, $24,000 was on the table via the players, their clubs, the NHL and the NHLPA. And then Chara broke the record with a 105.4-mph shot to earn the money for Right to Play, the organization Ference introduced Chara to.

“You know, he had the shoulder surgery (over the summer) and I said, ‘do you think your shot’s as hard as it was?’ He just didn’t know. You know, we don’t have radar guns out there or anything. So he was wondering if he lost a couple (mph) or not.”

Chara met the challenge, and the charity that both Ference and the Bruins captain have traveled to Africa with and devoted so much time to reaped the rewards. Ference didn’t get to see the event in New Hampshire, but he listened on the radio.

What Ference did get to do, other than relax, is skate and continue his rehab from a broken foot he suffered Nov. 13. Today in Wilmington, he went through a full practice and even took some contact.

“Right before the break, I got into a couple practices with the team, and that was nice. And I was able to skate on some beautiful ponds up there,” He said. “And that was nice. Today was kind of a test to really push it and it was good. I held up all right and the speed felt nice. So now I’ll just chat with the coach and figure out what the game plan is.”