Kalman’s Column: Shutout hero Rask gives B’s trade options

You know that with Rask ready and Thomas probably willing to cut a deal to stay in the city that’s become his second home and made him a household name, the Bruins are not going to re-sign Fernandez. So it’s time to just do it. Chiarelli has five weeks until the deadline, but if Fernandez comes back next week the GM has to cut a deal soon after to avoid another injury to the fragile puck-stopper.

Is this an overreaction to one stellar game between the pipes by Rask against the No. 27 offense in the league? Hell, yeah! But sometimes you’ve got to overreact to get things done. The Stanley Cup hasn’t been in the Bruins’ possession in more than three decades, so maybe it’s time to get overzealous.

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