Northeast Division: With Clouston at helm, Sens are looking for “quick” turnaround



As I mentioned yesterday, the Ottawa Senators are now officially a circus act no one should have to watch and, of course, no one wants to emulate.

By firing Craig Hartsburg — the Sens’ second first-year coach to get axed during the season in as many years — and promoting Cory Clouston from Binghamton (AHL) to coach the rest of the NHL season, the Sens basically announced that they’ve given up on this season and they don’t know what they’re doing.

Ken Warren of the Ottawa Citizen has complete details from yesterday’s press conference, including Clouston’s claim that “we can become a better team quite quickly.”

The Boston Bruins will hope the Sens don’t get too much “better” too quickly, as Boston will visit Ottawa Thursday night. At least the Bruins won’t have to deal with a team on a “new-coach” high, as the Sens host Los Angeles tonight for Clouston’s debut.

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