Kalman’s Column: Some Bruins need to put fighting on backburner

“There’s obviously situations in the game where you’ve got a big lead and teams are trying to get things going by stirring the pot a little bit, and you’ve got to walk away from those situations. But I don’t think you want to take the emotion out of the game at this stage.”

That’s all well and good. I’m not advocating the Bruins put on skirts and stop hitting people. I’m just saying that if Lucic, Savard, David Krejci or Michael Ryder gets hit up high or someone trips them up, or someone insults their mom, they don’t need to fight back outside of the time between the whistles. There’s nothing to be proven by one of those guys winning a fight at this point of the season. At this point, the only proving time for the Bruins takes place after April 12, when they’re in the tournament, when they’ll be in pursuit of that trophy that you don’t get for risking injury in a March fight with a tomato can. Trying to win the Cup without Lucic or Savard or another equivalent player, well that’d be a battle the Bruins would lose every time.

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