The Buffalo Sabres play their last game before Wednesday’s trade deadline tonight on Long Island, so there’s speculation that center Tim Connolly might be playing his last game in blue and gold.

Connolly is set to be an unrestricted free agent this summer, and thus far there hasn’t been an agreement on a contract extension for the veteran.

“The No. 1 option is to stay in Buffalo,” Connolly said in John Vogl’s piece in today’s Buffalo News. “Right now I don’t think about that too much. I think about how important these games are and how important it is to win hockey games right now and make the playoffs.”

MK: The Sabres could probably still make the playoffs if they received the right package of roster players in exchange for Connolly. Could the Boston Bruins be interested? Connolly has spent some time on the wing and is a master playmaker when healthy. Might not be too much of a waste to at least look at him and what it would take to get him. Obviously Buffalo would be unlikely to trade within the division, but stranger things have happened.

Elsewhere in the division:

Montreal earned an emotional win at Philly last night.

•The Senators couldn’t find a taker for Martin Gerber, even at half the goaltender’s salary.

•Toronto head coach Ron Wilson says there’s no way the Leafs’ recent solid play will change the organization’s plan.