don_t_panic_button-758852WILMINGTON, Mass. — There are number of different ways to look at the Boston Bruins’ current predicament.

The Bruins head into their Sunday showdown with New Jersey,  one of the hottest teams in the NHL, having dropped seven of their last 10 outings. But they need only look back a couple months to find a time when they were the team on fire. Nobody on the Boston side is panicking yet. Just some guys are taking things calmly while some are using the club’s recent struggles as motivation.

“I hate to say this, but I’m not worried about it,” defenseman Aaron Ward told “We’ve been together as a group for a while and no one’s going to sugar coat it — we’re enduring a tough situation. But I’m not worried about this group. We’re going to get out of it. Everybody has to elevate their game, consistently, through a 60-minute period of time. How? I don’t know. When? It’ll happen soon. I have confidence in this group.”

Fellow defenseman Mark Stuart is taking the opposite approach. He said the recent losses should be something to worry about in order to hasten a recovery and return to the team’s former fine form.

“It’s definitely an issue and it’s something I think we should all be worried about and we should all work to remedy here pretty quick,” he said.

Even when the Bruins were firing on all cylinders, the Devils were a handful. The Bruins are 1-1-1 against the Devils, with New Jersey stealing an overtime win at the Garden and also shutting out the Bruins, 1-0, at The Rock. Some might call this a message game, but head coach Claude Julien isn’t about to exaggerate the meaning of the match-up. He just wants to see his team produce its best effort possible.

“To me right now, I think when you look at our situation, I would like to see our team, and I know our team will play hard tomorrow and compete,” he explained. “And then hopefully if we do that and we play the way we can, hopefully the win will follow it. Before we can even talk about win, we need the performance from our team.”