The end of the regular season is more of a time to look forward to the playoffs, but Boston Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli was asked yesterday to reflect on some of the more impressive performances he saw from his players over the last seven months.

Here’s how he responded:

“Obviously Tim (Thomas) has had a terrific year, those games out West — I think it was Calgary, Van, he had a tremendous back-to-back there — and I look at our last Philly game, I thought he played really well and showed a lot of his character.

“I think looking at a couple other performances … you might not see it in the statistics, but a couple times (Zdeno) Chara had some tremendous games. I can’t recall specifically the games, but it was in the middle of the season, where his kind of defensive maneuvers, his defensive prowess, and he was moving bodies around. I remember making note in my notes during the game, his awesome physical strength and how he cleared the zone, it really spoke to his level of play. I’d seen it before but it was really indicative of our play.

“I think (Phil Kessel) has made some game-breaking plays at times. We’ve had so many individual performances, I’d hate to single anyone out. I think you look at how balanced our scoring is, it’s even balanced as far as Timmy’s had a very good year, but he’s had some help from Manny (Fernandez). So it’s hard to single any one player out.”