montreal_aerialJust unwinding here back in the Bay State. I’ll have plenty of time — maybe even more than a week — to break down the Boston Bruins’ chances in the second round. We might not even know the next opponent for as long as a week.

So I thought I’d give you all a brief glance into what my trip up to Montreal for Games 3 and 4 was like. And I’ll do it hockey style with a plus/minus system.

Plus: A fantastic dinner at Queue de Cheval, a steakhouse just a stone’s throw from the Bell Centre. An outstanding rib-eye washed down with a Rickard’s Red made the end of the off day a lot more enjoyable. That meal just nosed out my lunch of a smoked meat sandwich at Dunn’s the day of Game 3.

Minus: I don’t know if someone (possibly coach Claude Julien) called the border patrol to let them know TheBruinsBlog was invading, but after waiting in line in my car for 40 minutes trying to enter Canada, I was then subjected to a 20-minute, in-office interegation. “You make money doing that?” the Canadian border guard asked. Little does he know I just do it for the love of the game (until some sponsors ante up).

Plus: Every time I leave Canada and the coverage its media gives hockey, I have a little letdown. Imagine every day waking up and watching SportsCentre or listening to sports radio, and everything leads with pucks — with people who actually know what they’re talking about analyzing it. Here in the U.S., once you’ve watched “On the Fly” and “NHL Live” on NHL Network, you’re pretty much done.

Minus: Booing the anthem was bad enough. But then the chants of “Carbo, Carbo” and booing of Carey Price. Funny, I didn’t hear them chanting “Carbo” in the weeks before his firing. Montreal fans continue to prove themselves to be the most overrated in the league. They’re supposed to be the “most knowledgeable” and “passionate” but they just come off as spoiled brats. And then the guy who chucked a bottle from the upper deck to just to the right of the Bruins bench — that guy should be not only banned for life from Bell Centre, but they might want to consider execution.

Plus: At least they didn’t riot this year.

Minus: Blogging, eating and sleeping consumes all my time. I still have yet to see one tourist attraction in Montreal. Maybe at the draft in June.

And last but not least, one last plus: Mike Komisarek’s crosscheck aside, the Habs handled the end of Game 4 and the series with class. And even though it was a short series, it wasn’t lacking for entertainment. The postgame handshake was priceless, with former Bruins center Glen Metropolit giving out more hugs than Dr. Phil.

On to round 2!