Four-game victory bought Ference shape-up time



WILMINGTON, Mass. — With the Boston Bruins winning their first-round playoff series over Montreal in just four games, defenseman Andrew Ference has plenty of time to not only heal up his undisclosed injury but also shake off the rust that comes with having not played since April 4.

“Getting passes and receiving passes, especially for defense, we need that sharpness as far as giving the puck up and stuff,” said Ference today after he joined the team for practice for the first time at Ristuccia Arena. “So it’s great that they did the job in four. It helps me out a lot.”

Ference started working out off-ice late last week. Today he went through all the drills, although there wasn’t much call for contact and he was pacing himself.

“I did pretty much everything. Obviously not 100 percent speed,” said Ference. “The first time back with the team, you’ve got to self-regulate, make sure I’m smart enough to know how much to do or how far to extend yourself. But it was good to get some passes going and get out there with some other bodies.”

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