brutus_beefcakeRemember back in 1991, the 75th anniversary season of the NHL, the league assigned “celebrity captains” to each of the teams in the league?

The Pittsburgh Penguins went on to win the Stanley Cup, and their celebrity was Mr. Rogers. That is not a misprint. Anyway, today at Ristuccia Arena in Wilmington, Mass., we found out who the current Boston Bruins’ celebrity captain should be — none other than Brutus Beefcake, aka The Barber.

I guess Mr. Beefcake is a friend of a friend of Bruins assistant equipment manager Keith Robinson. Considering Ric Flair is a regular at Carolina Hurricanes games, it’s only appropriate the Bruins dig into the old days of the WWF for some celebrity backing.

There was no funnier or exciting tag team back in the day than Beefcake and close pal Hulk Hogan. Maybe if the Bruins win this series, Beefcake can cut Flair’s hair.