RALEIGH — Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara is a minus-4 over the last two games, both losses, for his club in this Eastern Conference semifinal series with the Carolina Hurricanes.

Heading into Game 4 of the series tomorrow night, however, head coach Claude Julien is certain we’ll again see the better side of his captain.

“He’s fine. He’s a leader. He’s a guy that will take things hard,” said Julien today with his team down 1-2 in the series. “He’s hard on himself, always has been. But he’s also a guy that’s capable of turning the page and saying, ‘you know what? I’m the captain here, I have to lead by example and that’s what I’m going to do. And that’s what Zdeno is going to do for our team tomorrow – I have no doubt about that.”

As for Chara’s vow of silence after he coughed up the puck on the Hurricanes’ winning goal in Game 3, Julien said the blueliner was probably both frustrated with his play and tentative about what he might’ve said in the heat of the moment.

“He was probably frustrated. He’s a guy that’s pretty proud of his game. He knows that that last goal started off with the puck not getting out,” Julien said. “Again, that doesn’t take away his qualities as a leader. I think he’s been more than fair this year at showing up and facing the situation. Sometimes those guys will do those things because the last thing they want to do is say the wrong the thing. And when you’re frustrated you can. That’s the choice that they have. I’m sure that if you see Zdeno tomorrow, he’ll be more than willing to talk.”

We shall see. If ‘Big Zee’ is available prior to Game 4, will bring you full coverage of his words.