For a source of inspiration, the Bruins could do worse than "Rocky."

For a source of inspiration, the Bruins could do worse than "Rocky."

WILMINGTON, Mass. — As a New York Jets fan, I know that recently disposed head coach Eric Mangini liked to fire up his club by showing his players classic boxing matches.

While that didn’t quite work out the way I had hoped, I wondered if head coach Claude Julien had any sort of similar gimmick up his sleeve with his team now facing a 3-1 deficit in its Eastern Conference semifinal series with Carolina heading into Game 5 tomorrow night at TD Banknorth Garden.

Here was his response when I tried to pry his motivational plans today after he put his team through some off-ice meetings and a one-hour practice:

“What makes you think it’s not going to happen? Why would I stand here and tell you the things I’m going to do?” he said. “I think those are things … you’ve got to come up with some solutions, some ideas and we already got our heads around that as well. We’re going to try to prepare our team the best way we can. That’s the job we have to do and that’s the job you have to do right until the end. And you hope that it turns out in a positive way and we can build on that.”

So what would you show the Bruins before they take the ice against the Hurricanes? Maybe “Rocky” or some Bruins highlights from the ’70s or even the greatest matches of Hulk Hogan. The decision could be just as important as who to scratch among the forwards and how to configure the power-play units.