Chiarelli has a ‘gnawing sensation’ at back of his head



BOSTON — As I start to dig into my closing interview with each member of the 2008-09 Boston Bruins here at TD Banknorth Garden, here is an excerpt fromĀ  general manager Peter Chiarelli’s press briefing that I think everyone with an interest in the team can relate to.

“There’s a gnawing sensation at the back of my head that isn’t normally there. And it’s about this last playoff series, it’s about this season and it’s about unfinished business,” said the GM. “And we’re still all collectively disappointed at the way that it ended. I think what’s important to note is that throughout the course of the year, the level of expectation has risen and risen and risen. And that’s a good thing. And the fact that we’re disappointed here today, while it doesn’t feel good, it bodes well for the future. …

“I don’t know if this gnawing feeling will go away this summer. It probably won’t. It’ll probably subside sometime in September. We’re heading in the right direction, the expectations are high, and rightfully so.”

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