If it makes Boston Bruins fans feel any better, you can take solace in the fact that Patrice Bergeron is still taking his team’s Game 7 loss to Carolina as hard as you are — if not harder.

“I’ve been up to 5 the past two nights,” Bergeron admitted today.  “You just look at it as ‘what if?’ and all these things. It’s not really the way to go because it’s always easy after to say you should change some things.”

Other than the Bruins’ disappointing defeat and the concussion he suffered in December that was unrelated to his Oct. 2007 concussion, Bergeron said there are few things he would change about the 2008-09 season. He proved he could return from his serious head injury, and by the end of the season he had re-established himself as the Bruins’ top two-way player and a potential All-Star in the league going forward.

“I’m happy to say that I finished the year. I faced some adversity again this year, with the injury in December, and I thought I came back stronger. I didn’t start the year the way I wanted to, but I guess that’s what you’ve got to expect when you miss a whole year,” he said. “And I was — you never want to admit it — but I guess that’s the case. I thought I finished very well at the end of the year, and I’m happy about that.”

One year after he went into the offseason unsure of how his career would play out, Bergeron heads into this summer knowing that he can now build on the high-caliber foundation he created over this season.

“Mentally, it’s been hard at the beginning. I went through it and now going into this summer, first of all, (I’m) healthy and feeling good. Yes, it’s disappointing. I’m disappointed that the year stopped that quickly. But at the same time, from my personal standpoint, I finished well,” he explained.

Not only is Bergeron looking forward to returning individually better and on a Bruins team ready to again challenge for the Stanley Cup, he also can’t wait for Sept. 20, the day the Bruins will face the Montreal Canadiens in an exhibition game in his hometown of Quebec City.

“I’m excited about it. My parents called me right away, as soon as they knew about it. I’m very excited about it. It should be a lot of fun,” said Bergeron, who noted that he’ll probably need about 60 tickets for that contest.

There’s no reason to be anything less than excited for Bergeron and what his future holds.