Northeast Division: Send your ‘get well’ wishes to Lapierre



Boston Bruins fans who love to hate Montreal forward Maxim Lapierre can rest assured, the agitating center is going to be fine for training camp and will be ready to wreak havoc on the Bruins by the time the two teams meet in the regular season.

Yesterday, Lapierre underwent minor surgery to repair an ankle injury he played through for much of last season. He’s expected to be ready for the Habs’ training camp in September. Lapierre has written his name into Bruins history by fighting P.J. Axelsson in 2008, drawing a match penalty on Milan Lucic that caused the Bruins winger to get suspended in last month’s first-round playoff series, and overall being a sometimes-dirty, always-physical nuisance to Boston’s cause.

Also, Montreal defenseman Mathieu Schneider had his shoulder injury repaired. He’s also expected to be back by the time camp opens.

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