fenway-park-tapestryEven his post as Chairman of the NHL Board of Governors doesn’t make Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs privy to official plans to bring the 2010 Winter Classic to Boston an earlier than the rest of us.

But to hear Jacobs tell it today, he’s pretty sure that the Hub and Fenway Park will be making hockey magic come New Year’s Day this winter.

“The Winter Classic is owned by the league. And it’s their production; it’s theirs to announce. I have to say that everything I’ve seen, acts like, smells like, looks like it’s going to be in Boston,” said Jacobs during a morning conference call. “I don’t know about anybody else that’s gone through all of the search and process that they’ve gone through. Traditionally, the league announces that in July.”

“First of all, I really want this in Boston,” he continued. “I think our fans want it, and I think our environment wants it. And in saying that and adding to it, I think it will be the biggest Classic that the NHL has had. I think it will be the most successful and it will be the most demanded.”

Jacobs, who noted that only Boston season ticket holders would be able to share in the seat availability with corporate sponsors and other league-associated persons, pretty much let slip that other venues — such at Gillette Stadium or Harvard Stadium — have lost out to Boston’s fable baseball park.

“When they announce it sometime in July, and when you see rink going up in the middle of Fenway, then you can pretty much conclude that it’s going to happen,” he added.

There’s still no word on a definite opponent, although over the weekend Boston Globe writer Kevin Paul Dupont said sources are pointing to Philadelphia or Washington for Boston’s foe in the big game.