Chiarelli gets four more years to build his vision

“It gives the management group the latitude to do things and to continue on with their vision so to speak, or plan. I think what we’ve tried to do since I’ve been here is instill certain attitudes and philosophies in the players and the other employees, staff, the coaches. So it just allows you to continue that,” he said. “I think what I’ve seen is I’ve seen a real increase in morale or just a heightened enthusiasm — whether it’s the players, coaches or the rest of the group — and to get where we are now and to build upon it even further is exciting. We’re entering into a new level of expectations with this team that is exciting. It’s more demanding but you like a challenge.”

Chiarelli’s next tasks, in addition to handling the draft June 26-27, is re-signing head coach Claude Julien, who reportedly is entering the final year of his deal, and also getting deals done with restricted free agents Phil Kessel, Matt Hunwick and Byron Bitz. Chiarelli does not comment on ongoing negotiations with players, but the GM said that he plans to sit down with Julien soon and “get something done.”

Chiarelli’s accomplishments on the job have earned him the right to keep on working. So there’s little doubt that what he wants to get done, he will.

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