Chiarelli explains his Schaefer decision



By the amount of emails and blog comments I received after the buyout of winger Peter Schaefer’s contract, I couldn’t avoid asking Boston Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli about his rationale behind opting for a buyout rather than banishing Schaefer to the minors again and not having that player carry any type of a cap hit (the Bruins will have about $567,000 on their cap because of the buyout).

Here was Chiarelli’s answer during a conference call today:

“It’s just a slight cap hit. In the large scheme of things, one, it is a savings. Two, I think it gives Peter a chance to further his career somewhere else. I did deliberate over whether to keep him and have him try to make the team because he did actually finish quite strongly and there were some people asking about him. So it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets another job. Basically, that was it. It was more philanthropic in letting him go and test the market and get another job. We paid him a good number, so I guess it’s not too philanthropic. But that was basically the philosophy behind it.”

So for those of you fretting that this would hinder Chiarelli’s abilty to get other signings done, it’s pretty obvious he wouldn’t have done it if that was the case.

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