Former Boston Bruins draft pick Kris Versteeg, who was a restricted free agent, signed a three-year, $9 million deal with the Chicago Blackhawks yesterday. Some are figuring Versteeg is a solid comparable to Bruins restricted free agent winger Phil Kessel. So let’s take a look at the career numbers for both.

Kris Versteeg
Year   GP  G-A-Pts.   +/-
07-08 13   2-2-4          -1
08-09 78   22-31-53   +15

Phil Kessel
Year    GP  G-A-Pts.    +/-
06-07 70 11-18-29     -12
07-08  82 19-18=37   -6
08-09  70 36-24-60   +23

You factor in Kessel’s 15 playoff points in 15 games (Versteeg has 12 points in 17 postseason games), you at least get a gauge of where Kessel’s new deal should come in. Of course, you could make a serious argument for Kessel exceeding the $4 to 4.5 million the Bruins could give him to fit under their cap. So if you’re a Bruins backer, you want to keep this comparable on the downlow.

Chicago also provides another comparable for the Bruins’ other restricted free agent Matt Hunwick. Fellow blueliner Cam Barker recently re-signed with the Blackhawks for three years at $9.25 million. Let’s take a look at the stats.

Cam Barker
Year    GP  G-A-Pts.    +/-
06-07 35  1-7-8           -12
07-08 6-12-18             -3
08-09 6-34-40           -6

Matt Hunwick
Year    GP  G-A-Pts.    +/-
07-08  13  0-1-1            -1
08-09  53  6-21-27      +15

Obviously, Barker’s range of experience is comparable to the advantage Kessel has over Versteeg. You can figure in Hunwick’s healthy scratches against him, but also consider the value Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli put on Hunwick by putting so much of the loss to Carolina on the absence of the former Michigan standout and Andrew Ference. You’ve got to figure $1 to 1.5 million for Hunwick would be fair compensation. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that deal done within the next week or so.