Once strongly rumored to be headed to the Boston Bruins in exchange for Phil Kessel in a draft-day trade, defenseman Tomas Kaberle looks like he’ll be sticking with the Toronto Maple Leafs for the foreseeable future.

Kaberle’s no-trade clause in his contract kicks in Saturday, and the veteran told Lance Hornby of Sun Media that his plan is to head to Toronto soon in preparation for training camp.

“Everyone knew what (Leafs general manager) Brian (Burke) said, that if he got a good deal there would be movement with me. But I’m getting ready to go to Toronto now, working out the past few weeks with (compatriot and Montreal forward) Tomas Plekanec and ready to fly out in a few weeks and see the guys,” Kaberle told Hornby.

Obviously, the Bruins’ interest in Kaberle waned when the club signed free agent Derek Morris. A glance at the Leafs’ roster shows that they have eight legit NHL defensemen under contract, so they’ll probably look to clear that logjam a bit once camp opens.

While Kaberle’s immediate plan is to head to Toronto, Ottawa center Jason Spezza is headed to Calgary for the Hockey Canada orientation camp that will aid in the picking of the 2010 Olympic team at the end of the month.

“I’m excited for the opportunity,” Spezza said during a conference call Tuesday. “The way the team is going to be picked is going to be based on how you play in the first half of the year, but being around the systems (and the other players) certainly helps your comfort level.”