lucic_calendarAs a former Memorial Cup champion and MVP, and a player that personifies the nose-to-the-grindstone sort of hockey every young Canadian aspires to play, Milan Lucic has been a darling of the media from North of the Border from even before he became an NHL sensation.

Lucic’s attendance at the Hockey Canada Olympic orientation camp has provided Canadian writers with the opportunity to rekindle their admiration for Lucic. George Johnson of the Calgary Herald today looks at Lucic’s desire to hit someone at the contact-free camp.

“Both Carolina guys are on my team …,” Lucic joked when asked who he’d like to hit most.

Allan Maki of The Globe and Mail provides us with a retrospective of Lucic’s career up to this point. And Cam Cole of the Canwest News Service looks at the reasons Lucic was invited to the camp and why he could get a chance to play for his country in his hometown of Vancouver come this February.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lucic impress enough at camp that when an injury or two this season reduces the number of available forwards Lucic at least gets an alternate role if not an actual roster spot for the Canadians.