Here’s a new element of my site that I hope to turn into a “Rant of the Week” feature as the season unfolds. But for right now, here’s the best rant I received from a reader this week. Paul from Pittsfield, Mass., wrote in to ask me if the Boston Bruins’ rookie tournament games would be televised anywhere, including NHL Network. When I told him there would not be TV coverage, here’s how he responded.

“And so it continues, another missed opportunity to improve the marketing of its players and future players by the NHL…

Why have the NHL Network if all you are going to show on it is:

-2-4 games per week (that are very often blacked-out, and not even original broadcasts, they are Hockey Night in Canada, you have to live in Canada to get additional broadcasts),

-a college game and maybe some AHL stuff each week

-a daily highlight show that airs the same episode 15-30 times in the same day depending on the number of games played,

-a weekday radio show,

-old games that you only watch if they catch your eye as you flip through the channel guide (if you even make it that far),

-and reruns of human interest shows, countdowns, etc. (which frankly aren’t all that interesting most of the time, especially after seeing them once already)? Not to mention these shows usually get the most viewers within a few days of being new and you only catch them when channel surfing. No one wants to watch Iginla’s captains driven for the 400th time on a wednesday night in August.

The lockout was supposed to create more and better marketing of th NHL right? More exposure of the players increases revenue which the cap and therefore salaries. The way it was sold to us as fans was that both parties, the players and the organizations, would benefit the from system, and therefore be more invested to work through it. I contend that not much has changed.

And don’t get me wrong, I think its a great find if you happen to catch a game or series that you remember as particularly entertaining, recently I watched the Pens/Flyers series with the long OT game that Primeau ended with a great goal. Well I only watched to see the replay of that goal, but still… it’s just that as with most things the NHL does, it could and should be done bigger, better, and more often. Airing these rookie tournaments, and other such events, are what the NHL should be focusing on in my opinion. the original shows like voices, and captains driven, arent too terrible, but they remind me way too much of the cheesy NESN shows. There has to be a way to make this stuff more entertaining and not just for 10 year olds.

Thanks for the thoughts, Paul. I pretty much agree on every point, especially about the NHL Network re-airing the same highlight show a million times. How about some analysis? Maybe the addition of the MLB Network, which does the pre- and post-game shows right, will influence the NHL Network.

If you have a rant, don’t hesitate to send it to me or just post it right on the site.