phil-espositoBoston Bruins legend Phil Esposito is in Toronto for a couple reunions with his 1972 Team Canada teammates. Chris Young of The Star caught up with him and, of course, Espo didn’t mince words when talking on a few topics including the Hamilton/Jim Balsillie situation.

Here’s Esposito’s take on Hamilton:

“I don’t think Hamilton’s the right place to put a team. Toronto can afford another team, I have no doubt, but not Hamilton. It’s too close to Buffalo, for one thing, and that arena (in Hamilton) needs $200 million of upgrades? Ridiculous. You can’t play there.”

And on Balsillie:

“What he’s done is ridiculous. You’ve gotta go through the rules. Buy the team first, then follow their rules. That’s the way it works. That’s what we did in Tampa. They gave us a book and we followed the book.”

Good to see Espo is still an All-Star when it comes to speaking his mind.