For those of you waiting with bated breath to see how this Dany Heatley fiasco finally ends, the Ottawa Sun today reports that Heatley has his flight booked for Ottawa and he plans to join the Senators for their golf tournament Friday.

Heatley’s trade demand is now about four months old. He turned down the only deal the Sens worked out with Edmonton. J.P. Barry, one of Heatley’s agents, is still holding out hope for a trade but told The Sun that Heatley will do what needs to be done should Ottawa retain his rights by the end of the week.

“He’ll do whatever they want him to do and if they want to sit down, that’s fine,” Barry told The Sun. “The situation isn’t any different. He’ll be there when camp opens and he’ll be ready to go. But I want to make clear that there is still time for a deal. This situation isn’t totally in our control.”

The longer this looms over Ottawa, the more the Boston Bruins will benefit from a distracted divisional rival. Wouldn’t it be something if Phil Kessel is traded before Heatley? I think it could happen.

Elsewhere around the division:

Christian Hanson used his bulkier frame to score a hat trick for Toronto at the rookie tournament yesterday.

•The Maple Leafs might be counting on Viktor Stalberg for scoring this season.

•Ottawa hopes Zack Smith will provide them with some grit.