Chiarelli and Julien deliver their messages to players

Chiarelli and Julien

Chiarelli and Julien

WILMINGTON, Mass. — Both Boston Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli and head coach Claude Julien addressed the players today before off-ice testing began on the first official day of training camp.

“We talked about expectations,” Chiarelli explained. “We talked about the day-to-day attitude, the day-to-day preparation. Last year, we exceeded our expectations. This year I’ve seen some reports about us doing well but I’ve also seen some reports that we’re not going to do as well, so we’re going to be in a different dynamic this year. And I just want the guys to go into it with the proper mindset.”

Julien passed along the following about his speech.

“Basically, it’s really about starting a new season here and making sure that we’re ready to go. That was pretty well the message given to the whole organization and the players that are here.”

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