minnesota_wild_logoI’ve gotta give props to Allan Muir over at SI.com for his great analysis of the Bruins’ trade of Chuck Kobasew to Minnesota. In addition to rehashing all the explanations I and other reporters have given you on the deal, Muir came up with one more reason for the Bruins to provide the Wild with a 20-goal scorer that should help their offense-deficient team.

Every game the lowly Wild win over the next several months could keep them from falling behind Toronto in the overall NHL standings, Muir writes. So that Leafs first-round pick that now belongs to the Bruins has a better chance of being closer to the top of the draft if Kobasew helps the Wild. Genius!

So while the Bruins will probably be rooting for Kobasew and the Wild (except Nov. 25 when Boston visits St. Paul), feel free to jump on that bandwagon as well.