BOSTON — Bruins star center Marc Savard made his first visit to the locker room before the team beat Calgary today 5-0 at TD Garden.

It was a great boost to the club’s morale to see their concussed playmaker, who has been out since Matt Cooke’s blindside blow to the head March 7.

“Yeah, it was great to see him,” said winger Mark Recchi. “He is having his good days and his really bad days, but it was really nice to see him. Obviously we call kept in touch with him through the phone, but it is nice to actually see him. It was nice to see him out and about a little bit.”

Patrice Bergeron, who suffered a severe concussion in October 2007, was also heartened to see Savard making the rounds and as much as Savard was trying to rally his troops, Bergeron wanted to make sure his teammate knew that everyone is behind him.

“It was good to see him. I’m just happy he’s doing better, but still you can tell he’s got some tough times and we’re all behind him, we’re all supporting him,” said Bergeron. “And I just want him to stay positive and stay patient. Obviously I’m sure it’s hard for him to do that, but I feel for him and I’m behind him 100 percent.”