The Windsor-Plymouth playoff series in the OHL has made travel for the league’s scouts and GM easy, as consensus top-two prospects Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin are squaring off in the series. Even Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli was on hand to take in the action Thursday night.

Some are saying the series might serve as a sort of tie-breaker when it comes time to choose one player over the other in June, but Chiarelli told The Sporting News’ Craig Custance he and his staff already have their mind made up.

“We’ve got one guy higher than the other,” Chiarelli told Custance. “Unless there’s a monumental change in this series — but I doubt that will change our mind.”

Of course, then there’s the whole matter of the Bruins even getting a chance to pick between the two or take the one that’s still available. Toronto keeps inching up on Florida, the New York Islanders and Carolina in its attempt to escape next-to-last place in the overall standings. Nothing would stop the Bruins from trading up if they wind up with a pick outside the top two, but then Chiarelli would be in the unenviable position of convincing other GMs he has an assets worth taking.Blake Wheeler? Matt Hunwick? If you value those guys, I have some Enron stock to sell you.