The NHL released its official odds of winning the NHL Draft Drawing Tuesday night, with the Bruins holding an 18.8 percent chance at moving up from the second pick to the first for the June 25 NHL Entry Draft.

So while Phil Kessel and his Toronto Maple Leafs hit the links and the Bruins prepare for their first-round series with Buffalo, Boston fans have something else to distract their attention away from David Ortiz’s struggles.

Here are the official odds. The results with be announced 8 p.m. Tuesday on Versus.

Edmonton 25.0%

Boston (from TOR) 18.8%

Florida 14.2%

Columbus 10.7%

NY Islanders 8.1%

Tampa Bay 6.2%

Carolina 4.7%

Atlanta 3.6%

Minnesota 2.7%

NY Rangers 2.1%

Dallas 1.5%

Anaheim 1.1%

Phoenix (from CGY) 0.8%

St. Louis 0.5%