Even though a few of the Bruins, most vocally Johnny Boychuk, took issue with Buffalo defenseman Tyler Myers’ high hit on Boychuk behind the Sabres’ net Thursday night, Myers didn’t even realize the play was in the news, according to Sabres Edge.

“I was just playing the play hard,” the rookie told the media today after Buffalo’s practice. “I saw the scrum, and I thought he was digging for the puck. I just went to finish my check. I think it’s pretty safe to say my style is not to go in trying to hurt guys. I was just looking to finish my check.”

Here’s a look at the hit in question:

While Boychuk was obviously still emotional over the hit after the Bruins’ 2-1 loss in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinal series with the Sabres, the rookie defenseman didn’t miss any time. And while the hit was borderline, the 6-foot-8 blueliner obviously has a little leeway, just like 6-9 Bruins defender Zdeno Chara, when it comes to hits up high against much shorter players. The Bruins might take a run at Myers Saturday in Game 2, but I wouldn’t expect anything to get too out of hand. The Boston Herald this afternoon reported that there won’t be a suspension for Myers.

I’m actually surprised more that the Bruins haven’t made more of an issue of the Thomas Vanek hit from behind on Blake Wheeler that was allowed by the officials. To me, that play was more dangerous and could’ve really cost the Bruins had Wheeler hit the boards the wrong way.