WILMINGTON, Mass. — About 30 minutes before the Bruins were scheduled to take the ice for practice this morning, Marc Savard was on the Ristuccia Arena ice for 40 minutes and ramped up his workout one day after taking a 30-minute skate at TD Garden.

“Oh yeah. I went 40 minutes today,” said a winded and sweaty Savard after the skate under the watchful eyes of strength and conditioning coach John Whitesides. “I didn’t do any stops and starts yesterday. I did some stops and starts today and felt pretty good.”

Savard has a neuro-psych test later today, during which he has to pick out colors and shapes on a computer to prove his head is right. If he passes that, he could take the next step toward a return to the lineup. But he’s being sure to temper his enthusiasm to make sure he doesn’t come back too soon.

“That’s always the hope you keep,” he said of returning during the Buffalo series. “But like I said, and I’ve said it before, I’ve got to be realistic here. And when I’m 100 percent condition-wise and mentally positive that I can do this, then I’ll be ready to go. But until then, I’m not going to play a game until [I’m ready to play].”