For Savard to succeed, Ryder has to keep rolling

Ryder said he doesn’t think that playing with a finesse center like Savard is going to change his game, but we know from watching Milan Lucic recently that sometimes guys can fall into a “skill” role and forget to do the other things that make them successful. When you play with a dazzling offensive talent, the tendency is to get really cute with the puck. But Ryder has to play as north-south as he can, even if Savard’s trending east-west.

If Julien opts for an extremely responsible defensive player (Paille probably being the most qualified) to round out the line, that’ll make it a bit easier on Savard and Ryder to create some chemistry with the puck. You just have to hope that Ryder doesn’t revert to his regular-season form and waste Savard’s energy, or if he does Julien, recognizes it and gets Ryder back with a more rugged center and Savard in a trio with someone that can add to his assist total (as few and far between as they are on the Bruins’ roster).

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