Bergeron battling/By S. Bradley

BOSTON – Here are some quick-hit comments from the Bruins’ breakup day Tuesday at TD Garden.

Patrice Bergeron on criticism of the Bruins’ leadership

“It’s tough to hear that, especially when I’m the leader. I think I’ve lead the team, I’ve been one of the leaders – not necessarily always vocal, but always with the example on the ice. And I put everything on the line, put everything out there, but it’s something to expect when things are going like this. Everybody’s got their own opinion, and that’s fine, but I thought we had some good leaders.”

Dennis Seidenberg on his improvement

“Last year was kind of my first year coming out, maybe. So everybody wasn’t quite sure what’s going to come after that. So I would hope that my stock went up. I’d like to get a longer-term deal, obviously, and just stay in one spot for a while.”

Shawn Thornton on doing the majority of the team’s fighting

“Yes and no. It’s my job, so I don’t expect anyone else to do it anyway. That being said, it’s nice when you have some help as far it takes a little of the pressure off. So I don’t mind doing it.”

Tuukka Rask on Tim Thomas

“I thought he helped a lot. [As a] first-year guy in the league, and you have a veteran guy like Tim who was really nice to me all the time, I thought it was a really big help for me. And hopefully I gave him something too. We really had a good relationship this year, and it was awesome.”

Daniel Paille on fitting in with Boston

“As the year went on, myself personally, I felt better every game. I transitioned from doubting myself to having the confidence to do it every game. That was definitely there for me, so I was happy with that.”

Blake Wheeler on outside criticism

“That comes with the territory. You want to play for and in front of people that care. You want to play in a market that embraces it’s team. I’m a sports fan too, so when I watch my teams and maybe they underachieve or underperform, I’m the same way. I don’t read the papers, I don’t read what people say, but I would be saying the same exact thing. So that’s where I come from on that.”

Marc Savard on battling through his injuries

“I just didn’t have it. It’s tough to explain. I want to every night and I just didn’t feel it in my legs or whatever, for whatever reason. I wanted to do it.”