Two things that I think are interesting came out of yesterday’s combine stories from Toronto:

1. General manager Peter Chiarelli continues to insist that Tyler Seguin can play on the wing.

“Both kids said they would play any position,” Chiarelli was quoted on, referring to both Seguin and fellow top-two prospect Taylor Hall. “I’ve seen Tyler play the wing. A lot has been written and said that it’s a more natural fit for Taylor to come to us because he’s a wing and Tyler to go to Edmonton because he’s a center. Half the time I’ve seen Tyler, he’s been on wing. He can play wing and frankly, it might be a way to enter him into the NHL, on the wing. Taylor told us that he’s played center and loves playing center. That shouldn’t be a distinguishing factor.”

So all the people who are so worried that if the Bruins get Seguin they’ll have to redo their depth chart and trade a center and re-invent hockey, take a deep breath. Let’s face it, even if Seguin projects as a top-two center years down the road, it won’t hurt him to play some wing next to someone like Patrice Bergeron or David Krejci for at least one season while he gets his feet wet in the NHL.

2. Chiarelli is impressed enough by this year’s draft crop to openly admit he’d consider trading up.

“Sure. The scenarios that we’ve looked at and gone through, I was saying to (Director of Player Personnel) Scott Bradley today, is it because we’re more tuned in this year to the higher picks or does it just seem deeper, and it’s deeper,” Chiarelli said. “The player you get at four, five, six, seven, you’re looking at a really good player, a really good player. You look at it. It hasn’t happened often but you look at what first-round pick you bundle in with that. If you’re looking at a player next year, I have to be careful with that because there are some terrific players next year too. The strength of this year’s draft, it’s in the forefront.”

Considering most of the players on  the roster Boston wants to trade are on their list of potential exports because their stocks are down and/or they make too much money, I doubt the Bruins have the goods to get another top-10 pick. Even if they managed it, do they really want to go into next year with two wet-behind-the-ears rookies? I’m not sure they could afford that, if their true goal is to win a Cup as soon as possible and not sit around looking three, four years down the road.