… to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Wow, a lot happens while you’re in surgery-induced pain and Percocet fog. First Shawn Thornton re-signs, and now Dennis Seidenberg is back in the fold with a four-year deal worth a reported $3.25 cap hit. That general manager Peter Chiarelli got that done is impressive because Seidenberg would’ve had numerous suitors come July 1.

Let me just take a quick second to thank everyone for their get-well wishes. It’s been a tough couple days, but now I’m feeling stronger and more alert and just about ready to crank out some blogs.

I’ve already written enough “Ode to Thornton” pieces to fill a book. So I’ll spare you that. It’s just a positive sign to see Chiarelli understands how tough it can be to replace true leaders. And when one is willing to work relatively cheap, you keep him around and fill young players into other spots. Thornton is by no means guaranteed a roster spot in the fall. But there’s just as strong a chance a few more of his million shots on net will find the back of the goal and make him even more valuable, the way they did in ’08-09.

The Seidenberg signing is great because it keeps a solid player and partner for Zdeno Chara in the fold, but also sets the bar for where Mark Stuart and Johnny Boychuk fall in the salary mix. You have to figure these are the next two deals Chiarelli will work on. In his brief time with the Bruins, Seidenberg showed that he’s not only a solid player, but a good character guy. Now that he has a long-term commitment with one team, he’ll probably emerge as another key component of the leadership corps.

OK, that’s it for now. More later.