Time for Neely to knock some heads

“I certainly wanted to see how I would do in the three years since and if I am enjoying it, and quite I frankly found myself enjoying it more than I expected to. It’s been fun working with Peter  – there’s been some times where it hasn’t been so much fun depending on how the team is playing but that is part of sports,” said Neely, who also praised ownership’s commitment to providing the resources to build a winner. “And as I said, I look forward to the challenges ahead. This is a huge honor and opportunity for me and I’m looking forward to us giving the fans what they deserve which is the Stanley Cup.”

That Cup now resides in Chicago. Sure, the drafting of Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, plus the right selection of coaches and other players resurrected that Original Six franchise. But at the very top of it all is John McDonough, who made it his life’s work to win back the city of Chicago for the Blackhawks and make sure everything, business- and hockey-related, is top-rate and championship-worthy. Other world-class organizations follow the lead of similar top executives. You better believe that with Neely’s enthusiasm and desire, not to mention his stature with the franchise and in this town, will be using the same work ethic that willed him to return from serious injuries to score 50 goals in 50 games to make sure everything about the Bruins is perfect and that the proper execution from the people places in that environment will result in the ultimate success.

What the Bruins – namely Jeremy and Charlie Jacobs – did today was more than just give Cam Neely a new title. They proved that although they’re hockey-related decision-making track record might feature more failures than victories, they understand what Neely means to everyone associated to Boston sports and what having him run the show means to the organization.

Cam Neely is now in charge and everyone better be ready to live up to his expectations. Or they’ll have to answer to the biggest, baddest Bruin around.

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