Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli held a conference call this morning with the media to talk about the draft. As far as the Taylor Hall/Tyler Seguin debate, he said “right now, as of today, we have one guy over the other … it’s very close.”

Beyond that, Chiarelli didn’t reveal much. He said he has talked with Edmonton general manager Steve Tambellini about swapping the first and second picks, but that if the draft was today there wouldn’t be a deal. He then described what talks with his Oilers counterpart are like.

“Generally, I would characterize it as both of us don’t want to play any cards to each other,” Chiarelli said. “If we have any cards to play.”

Chiarelli said he’s been presented with several concepts for moving up or moving down from 15, the Bruins’ second first-round pick.

As for keeping some of his unrestricted free agents from the open market when the bidding begins July 1, Chiarelli said there’s been “progress.”

“You might see a deal this week; you might not,” he said. “I can’t say anything’s imminent, but we’ve made progress.”