… for Tyler Seguin’s entry-level contract with the Bruins.

No. 1 overall pick Taylor Hall signed today with Edmonton.

According to, the contract is a standard three-year, $900,000 entry-level deal with a maximum $90,000 signing bonus and performance bonuses up to $2.85 million for a cap hit of $3.75 million.

To give you a relative idea of what Seguin, the No. 2 overall pick, might get from Boston, let’s look back at last season. No. 1 overall pick John Tavares received the same $900,000 plus $2.85 million in bonuses, according to (which doesn’t have any data on the signing bonus). No. 2 overall pick Victor Hedman came in at a little less with Tampa Bay — $900,000 plus $2.6 million in bonuses.

As a defenseman, obviously, Hedman had different bonuses than a forward. So maybe Seguin and the Orr Agency can coax a little more in performance bonuses from the Bruins. We shall see.