Seguin/Credit Boston Bruins

WILMINGTON, Mass. — The cameras, microphones and digital recorders, along with their holders, waited patiently by his locker in the Bruins’ locker room at Ristuccia Arena.

Sure, previous first-round picks Joe Colborne and Jordan Caron, and newly acquired Boston University standout David Warsofsky, also drew a media crowd after the first day of Boston’s development camp. But no one attracted more attention than No. 2 overall draft pick Tyler Seguin.

Seguin didn’t seem to mind it. He has to be used to being a focal point after a season of jockeying for the top two spots on the NHL draft prospects list with Taylor Hall and then getting the nod second by Boston last month. He came off as humble as he talked about the possibility of making the team in the fall and signing an NHL contract. And he was eager to blend in with the rest of Boston’s top prospects and get down to business this week.

However, Seguin will never really be just one of the guys. He’ll always be the one the Bruins have the most riding on and the one the team expects will be a centerpiece of its NHL club for years, or even a decade, to come. There’s no doubt that might wear on Seguin as things unfold, but it’s all right with some of his camp participants.

“They’re going to pay more attention [to him]. I’m going to do the best that I can even if the media isn’t all on me. I think that’s a good thing to be under the radar,” said Caron.

“I feel for what he’s been going. I’m sure he’ll get it a lot more than I [did],” added Colborne, who was obviously the center of attention the last two years after going 16th overall in ’08. “Just talking to him the last few days, he’s really grounded. And hopefully he’ll be a great player for us in the near future and for a long time.”

Players, in particular ones still in their teens, are fans just like everyone else. They’ve read about Seguin’s potential and have already seen some of what he can do on television and the Web. Now they’ll get a chance to rub elbows with him until development camp ends Saturday.

“I’m pretty interested [to see him],” said defenseman Matt Bartkowski, who joined Boston via trade during last season. “I haven’t had a chance to talk to the kid, but I know a lot about him, obviously. He’s pretty high-profile. So I’m just interested to see him skate and play with him a little bit.”

Colborne knows this could be the start of a beautiful partnership that might one day end with the Bruins walking off into the sunset with a Stanley Cup in tow.

“I’ve seen a lot of him lately. He’s been getting a lot of press. And every single person I’ve talked to in the organization and talking with some of the guys I knew that played with him, he’s a class individual and obviously a great player – you guys all know that, I know that,” said Colborne. “So I’m looking forward to hopefully getting to know him a lot better this week and maybe start a relationship that’ll last our whole career.”