Battling in the scrimmage/By S. Bradley

WILMINGTON, Mass. — The Bruins’ prospects finished up the 2010 development camp at Ristuccia Arena today by going through some drills and then scrimmaging. The scrimmage included 5-on-5, 4-on-4, 3-on-3 and then a shootout. I’ll have some video up later today.

The stars of the scrimmage were far and away the line of Tyler Seguin, Jared Knight and Jordan Caron. Knight’s laser wrist shot from the slot that nearly ripped through the netting top shelf was one of the highlights of the day.

Overall, general manager Peter Chiarelli was pleased with the camp.

““There are some tremendous building blocks out there,” he said.

In past year, some players have stuck around after camp to do more off-ice training. This year they’re all going to return to their respective homes. But the Bruins development camp won’t be far from their minds, as they’re all going to have a card and access to a Web site that will spell out what they should be working on and doing to keep their progress on track on and off the ice.

•One player who stood out all week, obviously, was center Joe Colborne. The 2008 first-round pick has grown by leaps and bounds, in particular in his size. When he was drafted, he talked about going to play college hockey at Denver because that would give him the best chance to work out and add muscle to his frame. It seems like everything so far has worked out as he drew it up.

“When I think back, and I was a 190-something pounds, I look at what I’ve done now and weighing in at 216, and you’re like ‘that’s exactly what we wanted to do,'” he said after today’s sessions. “Now it’s all starting to come together and now I have a chance to go make an NHL team and fulfill a dream. So it’s going to be pretty easy to get up early and go to the weight room when you’re that close to your dream.”

•Another player that opened some eyes was defenseman Tommy Cross, who had nowhere to go but up after being unable to participate in the on-ice activities the last three summers. Cross showed puck savvy and a physical edge that could come in handy for the Bruins down the road after his career at Boston College is done. There was obviously some adrenaline going for the blueliner, but just being healthy also allowed him to play the way he wanted. Now he’ll rejoin the Eagles this fall with a better idea of where he stands.

“(I learned) just a lot about how far you can push yourself. That was a lot of the off-ice stuff. Where I’m at physically, as far as the testing that (strength and conditioning coach John) Whitesides did. And what I need to kind of advance in those area to get better. On the ice, a lot of the drills we did, a lot of the power skating, I’ll be taking back to my own routine. So I definitely learned a lot,” said Cross, who said there’s no doubt that BC will be the perfect place for him to continue his development this winter.