Your comments on my blog posts are one of my favorite things about running this site.

Now I’m going to give you, my readers, the opportunity to weigh in in even longer form.

Through a new plug-in called Kapost, you can now express your opinion on all things Bruins. Just click the button titled “contribute” in the right sidebar. After you write and post your piece, it’ll appear in the section titled “feed.” As more readers weigh in, their posts will be seen too. Then you’ll have a chance to vote up yours or other readers’ posts to keep them at the top of the list.

All I ask, obviously, is that you avoid profanity. I’ll even take the best pieces and add them to my main site as part of a new feature that I’ll title “Voice of the Fan.” So feel free to contribute as often as you want and be sure to return to often to read both my posts and those of you and your fellow readers.