So what are you doing while waiting to hear what an arbiter thinks Blake Wheeler is worth?

Do you have candles lit, are you twiddling your thumbs, or maybe you’re debating trading in your Wheeler sweater for one that says Horton or Seguin?

Well, anyway, Andy Strickland of Hockeybuzz.com is hearing that Wheeler is going to get between $2.1 and 2.4 million — a fair compromise for both sides. Strickland also writes that the Bruins are unlikely to walk away from any award in that range, and I definitely agree. For an offense-challenged team like the Bruins to let a young, maturing would-be 25-goal-scorer walk after they worked hard to acquire him and develop him would be nuts. If trading him turns out to be the best move, so be it. But there are better ways to clear cap space than letting Wheeler walk. And how embarrassing would it be if Wheeler went somewhere they preach offense and he popped in 30 goals? There’s no reason to risk that happening without compensation.

And while we’re on the topic, Joe Haggerty of CSNNE.com says his sources expect a ruling to come Thursday, not today. That’s not surprising. Most often, arbiter’s like to take their time with such matters.